Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Day 8 with A Fraction of the Whole.

So far so good. Apart from the paper quality and the wrong grain direction not making the forwarding process as straight forward as possible, things are moving along.

After secondary sewing I turned my attention to the edges of the text block. Thought the edges had been cut using a guillotine, they were just not good enough.

The result has been hours at the two screw laying press, gently sanding the various surfaces with ever finer papers. When I say hours, I mean hours.

The thing is, like most of the work we, as bookbinders, out of a hundred people, 99 would not have the experience of looking or working at the sort of work we do. It is so easy to take short cuts, the 'That will do' mentality. I try not to make books for the 99, I make them for the one who may be able to understand what they are looking at.

Back to the press and back to sanding.

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