Thursday, 2 October 2008

Title, inlays and the woman.

Work is going well. I am managing to find time to teach the studio students, help the studio members, arrange for work experience people from Paris and London College of Communication. All of this along with my own work and of course the Man Booker binding A Fraction of the Whole.

The doublures are down but work continues a-pace on the outside of the book.

The in-lay work is taking shape along with the addition of a lady on the spine.

Those of you who are familiar with my work may be aware that I only include the title of the book on the binding only if it fits with the design. I usually make boxes for the books and have the title on the box.

Before anyone says ' The A is not straight' I know. The individual letters are not fixed in place at the moment.
I am still deciding on the paper, font and point. Working with only a fraction of the whole letter ( did you see what I did then ?) is most interesting. Our eye and brain fill in the missing portions, the recognition of each letter and the relationship between it and any adjacent letter is becoming important to the whole design of the book.

Back to the bench.

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Paper Dragon Books said...

I cant make out what is inlay..
is it the circles??and if so are they punched out??are the images all painted on??what method did you use for printing the ends???
great work as ever mark
and as ever, leaves me with more questions than i have found answers for ....that is ...yet!